Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet SM-T350NZBAXAR Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet SM-T350NZBAXAR Reviews

Android 5.0 Lollipop, 8-inch Display Samsung Quad Core Processor, 1.2 GHz 16 GB Flash Memory, 1.5 GB RAM Memory microSD Card Slot (Up to 128GB) Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 XGA
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8"; 16 GB Wifi Tablet SM-T350NZBAXAR Review”

OVNxL says:

7 and 8.What else can I say? This tablet does just about everything the average user would need.I think the only thing I would indicate in the listing is that the tablet’s system and software already occupies 4.0 .Bought this in June of 2016, and by June of 2017 already wasn’t working.Went through all the settings so they could ONLY do what I wanted them to be able to do.Internet browsing reminded me of the AOL days .When I contacted support they directed me to a local Best Buy for a fix, and there was a chance on a charge for doing so.I tried there solution and it didn’t work.1, but I’m happy I didn’t.Less than a year after I bought it, there were intermittent problems with charging, such as not getting past 25 or 30%, or sometimes getting to 100% and then discharging very quickly even when it wasn’t being used; and sometimes it works as it should, but it’s too annoying to keep.The only problem that I ran into with this tablet is the battery.Once you get the black screen it is almost impossible to get your tablet to operate correctly.I typically use it for recipes, games, music and streaming videos and has never had a problem.8 inch makes a difference to the 7 inch.Either would cost $70-100+ to fix.You can see the pixels if you’re looking for them.P.Fast, very crisp colors, fairly good camera for a tablet and not too heavy.

EcpnU says:

Perfect replacement for my four year old Google Nexus 7 which had basically become a door stop.I tried to install it.I prefer my windows phone, however I could get used to this over time.I wanted access to games at the Google play store that I could not get through Amazon.Randomly starting shutting down.The wireless connection is very good.i had problems with it almost from the beginning .It is nice to have a larger screen with my old eyes.I always enjoy Samsung Galaxy Tablets, this one would have been good except this is the really old 2015 model and it was near impossible to find a nice glass protector or case, so I gave it one star.I wouldn’t say it’s blazing fast but for the price it runs very well, I’d be surprised to find a better value out there for a tablet.Not the biggest or baddest, but still plenty of horsepower and all of the features I need.Makes very uncomfortable when trying to use while charging.I returned a Tab E that was just painfully slow in favor of this one, and I’m glad I did.We purchased these Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ devices instead of laptops for all our social workers to use in the field with our clients and they absolutely love them.Here she isAfter weeks of searching, reading reviews, comparing prices, pros and cons, i decided on the Galaxy 8 and couldn’t be happier.The 8" size is perfect for holding for reading and is a good size for carrying around.00This is exactly what I was looking for and it came brand new and the shipping was very very fast (: love my new tablet!![/review3][review4]I ordered this Samsung Galaxy Tablet for my 76 year old dad for Christmas.Never had this issue with the 7 inch.

FxsVSh says:

Love the color and the size is perfect.This tablet is using Android 7.I just stopped using the preinstalled Chrome and installed Firefox), to make it worse the battery does not last long at all , and takes much longer to recharge than any other device I own .Even though it’s not the fastest tablet Samsung makes it’s definitely more affordable and it’s fast enough for what I do with it.The unit is light weight and the screen is beautiful.I use it as a reader, involved in a few Facebook sewing groups and use you tube tutorials for learning.This one works perfectly! plenty big enough for the square app, fast speed, no wi fi issues.I do like the tablet and can do pretty much what our apples do.She has had it for over two years and it still look and feel the same.As the first impression, I found it so good for this price.He loves his Samsung Galaxy Tab A.Costco just beat their price by that amount which means it was overpriced to begin with.Still learning how to do get around in it.I have no problems connecting to Wi-Fi and it holds a charge pretty good.The size is just right, the screen has great graphics and the battery lasts for days.I started looking for a 8" budget tablet that doesn’t feel like a budget tablet.Mom had an older Nexus 7 and I wanted something similar if not better.I could not download my new Fitbit software or use all the functions because “this device is not supported”.Backlit keys are important to me and if I knew they didn’t light up this would have impacted my buying decision.

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