Meep Version 2.0 Android Tablet Reviews

Meep Version 2.0 Android Tablet Key Specs and Product Reviews

7” Touch Screen Wi-Fi included, G-Sensor included 512 MB Ram, 4GB Flash Memory Lithium Battery included Support HDMI, Online shop for Apps purchase, Android 4.0 Resolution : 800 x 480 Batteries : 2000mAh Lithium Parental control in the cloud
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Meep Android 4.0 Tablet specs

Meep Android 4.0 TabletMEEP. – My Tablet. My World. Enjoy your own wireless world with a tablet created just for you. No more begging your parents to share their tablet or searching for lost game cartridges under the couch.

3 thoughts on “Meep Version 2.0 Android Tablet Reviews”

kqIBx says:

I in turn gave it to my grand kids to play with… they just love it and were fighting over whose turn it was to play with it … So I found this one and gave it to them so they each have their own to play with now…I didn’t know the capabilities of this learning tool until they started showing me pictures they took with it, videos they watched over the wi-fi and all the FREE stuff they could play on it both fun and educational…I love the meep tablet.He also cannot get very many good apps through Meep.They LOVE them.He managed to do a factory reset on the tablet, and now it won’t connect to the parental portal fore to authorize anything.She opened it and started playing with it right out of the box.One thing to note during the registration part.Too much set up involved.The update took forever and they are not simple to use.And when I call they didn’t call back or return my call.They need to be improved so they won’t break so easy.Easy to use, a great Gift to learn for the kids, they’re enjoying itThe apps are very simple but very interesting[/review1][review2]Was a decent buyHorrible! Bought two, one will not connect to the wifi, no mayter what even troubleshooted with meep, nothing, second one worked for 2 days then all of a sudden turned off and thats it! Money 100 percent wastes, thank you meep for this horrible horrible low quality middleclass killing product.We had to send it back twice because it wasn’t working.

BdVbd says:

We had to send it back twice because it wasn’t working.

LKSMKk says:

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