GPD XD Plus Handheld Gaming Console 5" Touchscreen Android 7.0 Portable Video Game Player Laptop MT8176 Hexa-core CPUPowerVR GX6250 GPU4GB/32GBSupport Google Store Review

GPD XD Plus Handheld Gaming Console 5" Touchscreen Android 7.0 Portable Video Game Player Laptop MT8176 Hexa-core CPUPowerVR GX6250 GPU4GB/32GBSupport Google Store Reviews and Specs

The GPD XD+ handheld device small enough to fit in your pocket, it is around the size of your average mobile phone and twice as thick; It also features Vulkan Engine support for even greater performance increases in supported games and emulators; It features a powerful MT8176+PowerVR Hexa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 32Gb Storage and runs Android 7.0; Comes with Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac – Dual Band and compatible with BT 4.1 Hexa-core processor, high performance CPU High performance processor graphics.Rechargeable Internal 6700MAh battery.
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GPD XD Plus [2019 Update] Foldable Handheld Game Consoles 5Features:
– Android 7.0 OS
– 5 inch 1280720 H-IPS capacitive touch screen
– Mediatek MT8176 Hexa-core CPU
– GPU PowerVR GX6250, fully compatible with APK, 3D games

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GPD XD Plus [Latest & Most Stable Update] Portable Handheld Video Gaming Console, 5The GPD XD PLUS is the ULTIMATE PORTABLE GAMING MACHINE. Play 1000’s of modern Android-based games or load up your favorite console emulator and indulge in the classics. And when you buy from GPD Gami

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OS:Win 10 Home 64Bit
Screen:6 inch H-IPS 10 points touching screen
Image Resolution:1280720
Graphics:HD Graphics 615
Memory:8GB LPDDR3-1886
Hard Dis

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GPD XD Plus [2018 Update] Portable Gaming Handheld 5GPD XD Plus Specifications: 1280720 IPS Capacitive Touch Screen 5 Inch CPU Mediatek MT8176, Up-To 2.1Ghz GPU PowerVR GX6250 RAM DDR3-SDRAM, 4GB Internal Storage eMMC, 32GB Extended storage T-FLASH (

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Small to Fit in Your Pocket:
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pocket and carry it anywhere anytime just like a mobile phone,is

3 thoughts on “GPD XD Plus Handheld Gaming Console 5" Touchscreen Android 7.0 Portable Video Game Player Laptop MT8176 Hexa-core CPUPowerVR GX6250 GPU4GB/32GBSupport Google Store Review”

geCMI says:

It will NOT run your absolute latest AAA games on full settings.Dont buy this product for a couple of months, wait for them to dupe others with the old stock, then maybe in February you’ll get the November update.This is a real Windows 10 laptop , with a 64-bit processor, the size of a Nintendo 3DS.It’s a decent android tablet for playing android games and it’s also quite capable of playing emulated games.That is worth its weight in gold, I find, when dealing with any kind of embedded system and when dealing with import goods.With that being said it turned out to be a pretty good product.I can finally play X-Wing, Ultima 7, and Dead Space on the go! Pleased that I received the latest version .Buy this right nowBUUUT this device does not have a legit copy of Windows 10 on it and it’s comes unactivated and the seller didn’t even put a power cord in the box.If you are a handheld enthusiast like myself, this will be the best handheld gaming system you have ever owned.This happened 2 months after receiving the device and out of the return window.2) Haven’t configured their device properly out of the box for proper performance.For future models, GPD needs to improve the built-in mouse for easier pointing, add back light to the keyboard, shrink the weight of the unit, make it slimmer , and maybe with a more powerful CPU.won’t power on, google shows others with the same issue.However, it’s time for the issues.The battery life is amazing about eight hours of use time and I haven’t had to die in standby for four days.I purchased my own emulators & Ui from the Google Play Store the stock ui and emu’s are not great.My expectations were a lot lower before buying and now that I’ve tried it for some time I gotta say it works well.I’d read that it could be a bit short, but I’ve used mine fairly consistently through my shifts at work , and never gotten below 70% in a given day.Miniature Windows PC that can easily run games made before 2013.Barely bigger and thicker than iPhone 6.

DhmKq says:

It was very enjoyable to use, I understood some of the complaints about the D-PAD and such but they weren’t really something I was all that bothered by.It would have been too expensive.It is like a 3DS that has been working out.Pro tip as soon as you get this device install twrp, and clean rom 2.Lanruo has been so helpful when my unit went down.After purchasing mine, I did some research and found a number of blogs with tips and tricks to help optimize Windows for the GPD.But I can say now, I love this thing.Please be aware that you have to use the charger that came with it, not just any charger, or it won’t charge at all.I love this thing.Also when opening and closing the top lid at times.The R1 and L2 are garbage and dont work when you want it to.I really like this machine and I’ve been taking it with me everywhere!It feels ok, but the quality control on the product is very indecent.– the delivery was on time.Contacted GPD via they’re website but got no reply.After about two months the screen on my GPD Win 2 started going blank when fully opened.Second, you can’t even close the case with just the power adapter in there.I don’t have anything to add.It seems of good quality.Box has a sign of opened and damage a little bitThe plastic cover is not the original Requested a replacement, hopefully, I will have a new unit.

PtVZWf says:

It’s a sturdy, hard case, has bands to hold the game console down and a pocket for other items, the zipper does not contact the GPD in anyway, and overall it’s just perfect.Sticks are better than you’d think.I was even happier with the customer service provided by Lanruo! At first they accidentally provided the wrong tracking info but as soon as I messaged them they replied within the hour and made sure that I got the correct tracking number as well as maintained communication to make sure I was completely satisfied.Alittle heavy for ahand held but it doesnt get hot.That being said, this thing is awesome!If you think you’ll like it, then you probably will.Outside that, it’s great.I had not have any problems with it, after the second month of keeping this device.I feel like I’m carrying around a DS or something so it is very cool.The first one had a loose screen but the replacement works well.And you can’t fit both at the same time.I would have just kept it anyway, but the price is also higher than what the new version is, so I will be returning immediately so I can get an updated device.This is not for the casual gamer .The only two complaints i have at all is that the packaging it came in had a really strong plastic smell, but that fades after about a day.but…the only thing i found with it the battery is a bet glitchy at times that is the only thing i dont like.Haven’t tried newer games so I can’t say how fast it is.So far the A and D-Pad Left will stick.You want an android game device, this is it.

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