Google by ASUS Tablet Reviews

Google by ASUS Tablet Product Reviews and Specs

World’s sharpest 7″ tablet screen (323 ppi). Powerful battery, up to 9 hrs of active use. 1.5GHz quad-core speed and performance, 2GB RAM. Comes with Android 4.3
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nyhiS says:

I bought this tablet less than a year ago and the update support has already expired.It’s easy to use, and paints web pages very quickly.Android pushed updates as though they owned the device, and that is a concern.Was able to fix the touchscreen issues.It fits very nicely in your hand, and has great visual quality.The only problem I had was that the touch system did not work well as delivered, and I was initially very disappointed.How I wish that they would make a newer Nexus tablet but I have no qualms or issues with the one that I currently have!i recently purchased the nexus 9 and was disappointed with the quality of the tablet.It’s best feature I find is the excellent sound from the speakers.The product worked for about 3 months.My old pocket camera takes nicer pictures than a smart phone.I was slightly disappointed that the input mic wsn’t working and called the supplier.I am very pleased with Amazon’s fast and painless return/replacement process.After about 15 months of daily use, the tablet was not keeping its charge well.So I sold the iPad and got a 1st gen Nexus 7.Its fast but sometimes can take a while to open up apps when you’ve just started the tablet up.The AC charger is superior to the Nexus 7 2012 charger, because it is smaller, square, and doesn’t fall off the wall charger like it’d predecessor.That being said there are no Firmware Updates.Daydream function doesn’t work, charge indicator doesn’t work, or any function that requires the device to be connected to external power will not work.I was getting intermittent wifi drop-offs.

lBcLe says:

One year of life for a $250+ device is not acceptable.I have not had a single issue with it so far, and I have owned this for eight months.Even though I used a right angle connector cable, eventually this stressed the USB connector enough to fail… ASUS wants $90 for the small board to fix this… But, for $13 get Anker ‘hockey puck’ wireless Qii charger… This worked fine for several months (tip.It has great color and vivid contrast.Well Google teaming up with Android and Asus to build their tablet was one of the best things to happen in the tablet industry.I use if for Evernote, playing Pandora music while reading Kindle or a physical book.You get pretty decent hardware and a stock android experience that will always get updates fresh from the oven (currently waiting for Android 5.Despite its "old age" in digital years, it is still an excellent tablet and smoothly upgraded to the latest Android version over the air .I was misled by the general descriptions available around the web, to believe _all_ Nexus 7 second generation mobile devices support Qi charging.Unfortunately, there are also many things I hate about the Nexus 7.finally, the price was really good so I ordered one from Amazon .But I got pointers from hither and thither, and finally decided this would be suitable to my needs.I bought it new through Gamestop , but unfortunately Gamestop doesn’t carry tablets in the two stores near me.5)/5/5s/5c/4s, Nexus 5/7, Galaxy Tab 4/3/2, Galaxy S5/S4, HTC One M8/M7 .It was still under warranty but Asus would not honor it because I could not give them the serial number, which is supposedly on the long ago discarded box as well as on the inside of the device.I am happy to say that I am no longer having the issue, as far as I can tell, on my 5th device .That was a new experience as I had used screens with my previous two units, with no problems.There’s a red cloudy area, about 1 cm in diameter, a little left of center in portrait orientation.Once I signed into my pre-existing Google account, my email, contacts and calendar were synced almost instantly and without a hitch or a glitch.On the Android side of things, I have owned a Motorola Xoom, a Samsung S3 , a cheap Taiwan knockoff.

abHdtX says:

I put a matt screen protector…and I can read PDFs in most outdoor+indoor lighting conditions.32gbs go very fast.I liked it so much I bought the newest version.I would totally recommend this tablet to any user who needs a tablet to browse the internet, check mail, watch videos , listen to music and play games to buy with confident the google nexus tablets, they’re so great!Original Review: This product works as described and I would have given it five stars except for that my first unit died before I had even used it for a whole month.I shopped around a long while before buying this tablet.And I pretty much stopped using it.Kindle fire hdx 7" would be a great pick for someone deeply integrated in the Amazon ecosystem.I can actually do a lot of work on it, and i enjoy the swype typing feature .The Google-ASUS partnership means that updates to the operating system are available soon after they are released.My first android device with more than 8gb of drive space, awesome! I doubt I go back to less! 16gb is just enough, 32 lets me put any app I want on there with no issues of running out of space! AND I can put all kinds of files on it as well! It is definitely noticeably lighter than the 2012.I have not figured out a pattern.I just got it yesterday and I am pretty happy with it so far.I use to to read Kindle, listen to Audible and lots of podcasts among other things.That’s where my love affair with Nexus 7 ends.Definitely worth paying extra to get one of these new ones with the higher resolution screen.I had lollipop on my first gen and it was very sluggish, I have marshmallow on this second gen tablet and it is still very fast.had issues with the touch screen before kitkat update but they have diminish since the update.I need a wifi only tablet to use when I am downstairs from my office and when I am visiting with friends and family.It’s extremely portable, fitting in an inside suite jacket pocket, or even in a front pants pocket .

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